FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III (Steve Miner 1982)


  1. Hello,

    My name is Sean Richard & I am the Executive Producer on the Friday the 13th part 3 Memoriam Documentary project that is currently in production and due out in within the next couple of months. It features the photos and video I took of the shooting locale of the part 3 cabin and location where part 3 was shot prior to the cabin's destruction. In fact my video and footage are the last of it's kind known in existence before the cabin perished. The doc will also feature the history of the property leading up to what happened that fateful night in 2006. The documentary is being professionally produced into a quality and lasting DVD dedicated to the late Richard Brooker, who portrayed Jason in that installment. I noticed the awesome poster work that you have done regarding the posters shown above. They are very retro and very cool! I would love to include the two images with your permission in the DVD we are making. Our project also features some F13 alumni interviews and of course, Harry Manfredini's classic part 3 soundtrack.

    Please feel free to check out the project page at:

    If you may have any questions for me directly or if there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to contact me. My facebook profile is located at :

    Thank you for your time.



  2. Thanks for the post. I never would have known about the documentary without it. It's funny seeing it now, as I recognize all of the custom posters here in the doc.